Athanasian Creed

n. an affirmation of Christian faith formerly thought to have been drawn up by Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria d. 373.

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  • Athanasian creed — Creed Creed (kr[=e]d), n. [OE. credo, crede, AS. creda, fr. L. credo I believe, at the beginning of the Apostles creed, fr. credere to believe; akin to OIr. cretim I believe, and Skr. [,c]raddadh[=a]mi; [,c]rat trust + dh[=a] to put. See {Do}, v …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Athanasian creed — Athanasian Ath a*na sian (?; 277), a. Of or pertaining to Athanasius, bishop of Alexandria in the 4th century. [1913 Webster] {Athanasian creed}, a formulary, confession, or exposition of faith, formerly supposed to have been drawn up by… …   The Collaborative International Dictionary of English

  • Athanasian Creed — n. a 4th 5th cent. statement of Christian beliefs of unknown authorship, formerly attributed to Athanasius: as opposed to Arianism, it emphasizes faith in the Trinity …   English World dictionary

  • Athanasian Creed — The Athanasian Creed ( Quicumque vult ) is a statement of Christian Trinitarian doctrine and Christology which has been used in Western Christianity since the sixth century A.D. Its Latin name comes from the opening words Quicumque vult ,… …   Wikipedia

  • Athanasian Creed — a creed or formulary of Christian faith, of unknown authorship, formerly ascribed to Athanasius. [1580 90] * * * ▪ Christianity also called  Quicumque Vult (from the opening words in Latin)        a Christian profession of faith in about 40… …   Universalium

  • Athanasian Creed — Ath′ana′sian Creed′ n. rel a creed or formulary of Christian faith, formerly ascribed to Athanasius • Etymology: 1580–90 …   From formal English to slang

  • Athanasian Creed — noun Date: 1586 a Christian creed originating in Europe about A.D. 400 and relating especially to the Trinity and Incarnation …   New Collegiate Dictionary

  • ATHANASIAN CREED —    a statement, in the form of a confession, of the orthodox creed of the Church as against the Arians, and damnatory of every article of the heresy severally; ascribed to Athanasius at one time, but now believed to be of later date, though… …   The Nuttall Encyclopaedia

  • ATHANASIAN CREED —    a CHRISTIAN CREED dating from the fifth century which concentrates on the doctrines of the INCARNATION and TRINITY that has been attributed to ATHANASIUS …   Concise dictionary of Religion

  • Athanasian Creed — /æθəˌneɪʒən ˈkrid/ (say athuh.nayzhuhn kreed) noun Theology a (probably) post Augustinian creed of the Christian faith, of unknown authorship, formerly ascribed to Athanasius …   Australian English dictionary

  • Athanasian Creed —  Афанасьевский символ веры …   Вестминстерский словарь теологических терминов

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